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Community Projects - Mnarani Beach Cottages

Mnarani Beach Cottages play an active role in the community and have the privilege to be able to support the village in many different ways. Because Nassor is personally involved in all of the activities mentioned on this page, he can make sure 100% of your donations go directly to where it is needed.

Nursery School in Nungwi village

Mnarani oversees all the maintenance needs of the village pre-school kindergarten. We also occasionally invite the children to visit the hotel and share cultural songs and dancing with the guests.

Secondary School in Kidoti village

We support students who are high academic achievers from Nungwi and neighboring villages.

University Scholarships

Waste Disposal System

Waste is a large problem in the village due to the growing number of inhabitants and hotels. We have created and are maintaining a waste disposal system that aims to provide a cleaner environment for its inhabitants. We created and are now maintaining a waste disposal system for the village, providing a cleaner environment for its inhabitants.

Fresh water

We have been co-operating with a neighboring village to install a freshwater system piped directly to the village. Previously the villagers have had to climb a dangerous path to collect drinking water.

The Nungwi football team is funded by the Mnarani hotel.

Football shirts and footballs have been donated to the local football team.


Mnarani has sponsored several events to promote the Dhow Counties Music Academy. It for example sponsored the annual URITHI cultural event at the Old Fort (Ngome Kongwe) in Stone Town, Zanzibar. URITHI (Swahili phrase implying Cultural Heritage) is arranged by the Dhow Countries Music Academy of Zanzibar to celebrate and showcase the achievements of the Academic Year.

As part of the festivities, Mnarani’s Managing Director, Nassor El Mahruki, hosted a reception for the local arts and culture stakeholders which include local representatives from UNESCO, members of the diplomatic community as well as the Zanzibar Government.

The DCMA has erected a plaque of the Mnarani Beach Cottages to recognize its generous support to realize ‘Development through the Arts’.

Conservation of the Fukuchani ruins

Mnarani has provided support in the form of providing building materials and connecting with experts to conserve these ruins in the north of Zanzibar.

Your Help

If you would like to leave your mark in Zanzibar, in the best possible way, you can make a donation during your stay at Mnarani, which we will pass on to the cause you wish to support.

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